Return of Dixie Beer

April 11th, 2009  |  Published in reviews/guides


Whistling Dixie
by Stinson Carter
BlackBook Magazine, March 2008

My grandfather chased his bourbon with it, my father stocked his fraternity house with it, and it was my first stolen sip of beer as a kid. I still remember the green and white label looking up at me from the bottom of an ice chest at a barbecue when I was twelve––magnified by a foot of water and the lure of the forbidden, promising Southern manhood by the ounce. Even at twelve, I’d heard the name enough to know that Dixie beer had a cultural significance in Louisiana on par with LSU football, gumbo, and humidity. Even Walker Percy gave it due reverence when he wrote that one can “eat crawfish and drink Dixie beer and feel as good as it is possible to feel in this awfully interesting century.” click to continue reading

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